Foreword - Imelda White | Piano Lessons
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Fellow musicians both advanced and elementary,

It is my pleasure to introduce Imelda White to you as a skilled pianist, an experienced and caring music teacher and a compelling composer. During the past ten years I have had the pleasure of hearing Imelda give some wonderfully inspiring concerts. Imelda plays the Classics with precision and style. Her original compositions are full of emotion and character; enveloping the audience in themes and moods that transport the listener to another world.

Imelda has integrity and an enthusiasm to develop her students to their maximum ability. Imelda’s students gain excellent results in their piano exams. Her attention to detail and technique is well balanced while promoting musicality and the joy of learning. The recitals her students take part in are always beautifully presented with polished performances and a friendly community feel.

During my career, spanning 45 years of music education, performance and examining, I have seen the difference a good teacher makes. I have recommended students to Imelda and have been delighted with their progress. It is my privilege to recommend Imelda White to you as a dedicated pianist and teacher.

Yours sincerely,
Eliska Sarka

L.Mus.Ed.ASMC L.IMEB(Teach) Dip.SCSM(Teach) L.IMEB(Performance Distinction) Dip.SCSM(Performance Honours) Asc.Comp.ASMC C.Mus.AMEB MTA accredited