Testimonials - Imelda White | Piano Lessons


  • Eliska Sarka, Mentor and Music Educator
    Imelda has integrity and an enthusiasm to develop her students to their maximum ability.  Imelda’s students gain excellent results in their piano exams. Her attention to detail and technique is well balanced while promoting musicality and the joy of learning. The recitals her students take part in are always beautifully presented with polished performances and a friendly community feel.
    Eliska Sarka, Mentor and Music Educator
  • Matthews Tyson, Director of St. Cecilia Examinations Intl.
    Imelda’s attention to detail and sharp focus on music education, make her the ideal teacher for students of all ages and levels. She is highly-qualified both as a teacher and performer.
    Matthews Tyson, Director of St. Cecilia Examinations Intl.
  • Melissa, parent of elementary student
    My 8 year old son has been taking lessons with Imelda for 3 years. Imelda is experienced, professional, kind, calm and patient with young children. My son has steadily progressed with his piano lessons and with Imelda’s constant encouragement he has become more and more confident with his playing. Imelda makes the lesson so enjoyable that my son looks forward to her visit each week and he works hard to practise in the meantime because he is excited to show her his progress. Imelda has a real talent for inspiring kids and keeping them focused from week to week. We are very grateful that we found Imelda and she agreed to take my son on. We highly recommend her as a piano teacher.
    Melissa, parent of elementary student
  • Shasha, parent of talented siblings
    My children, Daniel and Naomi are both piano students of Imelda White. We are very grateful to have such a patient and encouraging piano teacher, who is a concert level pianist and composer. Imelda loves and understands the children well. She tailors her piano lessons to their unique personalities. Imelda uses different methods and games to guide Naomi’s improving sight reading and music knowledge every week. Imelda introduced Daniel to a wider range of music genres. I have witnessed my children’s impressive progress under Imelda’s tuition. Thank you, Imelda for helping my children with their piano tuition!
    Shasha, parent of talented siblings
  • Nina, parent of grade 6 student

    One afternoon, we noticed a couple of stunning red hibiscus flowers on Imelda’s front yard after my son Matthew finished his piano lesson. We couldn’t help but admire from a closer angle. It was the perfect setting; the sun was still floating among the clouds in the sky. Whilst the beauty of nature distracted us, our ears could not deny this beautiful music which was playing in the background. The melody was so enchanting; we finally realised Imelda was playing on the grand piano. Her fingers ran through the keys effortlessly which touched my soul deeply and tears streamed down my face. Imelda was playing I Love Thee from Grieg’s Op. 41.

    I have known Imelda for many years and have heard her play many times. There is an irresistible magical bond between Imelda and the piano. Imelda is like the blooming hibiscus; delicate yet charming.

    Her heart is solely in music and certainly cannot be ignored.

    Nina, parent of grade 6 student
  • Bill, Friend and Former Employer

    I have been fortunate to attend piano recitals presented by Imelda. She is a beautiful pianist, having the ability to play with great sensitivity and expression. Imelda has clearly worked hard to achieve a high standard of playing, even with the most difficult of pieces. Her ability to communicate well indicates to me that she is ideally equipped as a piano teacher.

    Imelda has my heartfelt recommendation.

    Bill, Friend and Former Employer